*All Standard Masks have a built in filter pocket, which provides the option to change the filter daily.


*Full Coverage Masks provide larger coverage for the face 


*Surgical Caps are to protect the hair from the virus. They come "One Size Fits All" & can be adjusted/ tightened in the back; with the straps, giving it a more secure fit on the head

Purple Paint

  • *The CDC recommends everyone use a reusable cloth face mask if you must go out in public. Here's how to keep it clean. 

    1. Wash it daily: For example, if you’re going to the grocery store, it should be washed upon returning home and before going out next.” Ideally, you should toss your mask into your washing machine or laundry after each use

    2. Use warm water: When washing a face mask, you want to be sure to kill any germs, so temperature matters. Use a warm setting to remove bacteria and viruses without weakening the fabric.

    3. Be careful how you dry: If your mask has elastic loops, you should air-dry so that these loops do not get damaged. If you have cloth ties, these can be dried on a regular cycle in the dryer.

    4. Hand-wash if you have to: You can hand-wash a fabric mask just the way you may already hand-wash delicates. As a suggestion, use "Woolite" or another hand-wash detergent. First wet the mask and rub vigorously with soap so you have a lather. Then soak the mask in hot water and soap for 30 minutes to ensure you’ve killed all the germs. Then rinse, and line-dry or dry on a sanitized surface.

    5. Consider buying a spare masks: Ideally, you should be washing your mask every time you wear it. So it might be helpful to have one or two spares you can keep in rotation.